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ChemDraw Professional 19.0 Suite

ChemDraw Professional 19.0 Suite

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by PerkinElmer Informatics | Media: Download

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Our Price


The Scientifically Intelligent Drawing Suite for Chemists and Biologists

ChemDraw Professional takes chemical drawing to the next level, with all the features in ChemDraw Prime plus: New coloring options to make your publications and presentations stand out. SciFinder® and SciFinder-n® by CAS and Elsevier® Reaxys® integrations, 1H and 13C NMR prediction, BioDraw, Name to Structure and Structure to Name, HELM toolbar, and access to ChemDraw Cloud.

ChemDraw Professional 19.0 Suite Highlights

  • Ring coloring options: It is now possible to select any carbon cycle and fill it with color for clearer, better looking presentations and publications.
  • Enumeration to SD File: Generic structures in ChemDraw can be enumerated directly to an SD file, removing the previously existing upper limit of 500 enumerated molecules being generated and displayed on the canvas.
  • New Brackets: Novel, simplified bracket types enable polymer chemists to quickly calculate molecular weights as well as define average molecular weights of their polymers.
  • New Enhanced Hotkeys: Building off of the powerful hotkeys already enabled within the application, we have enhanced this capability so now you can truly create molecules and reactions as fast as you can type. The Tab key is now available as a new way to select and navigate from one molecule to another, common chemical groups like “Boc”, “Fmoc”, “Cbz”, “N3” or “MgBr” are now available in one key press.
  • ChemDraw/SciFinder-n Integration: PerkinElmer and CAS have once again partnered to allow chemists to easily search for molecules and reactions into SciFinder-n, the newest member of CAS’ SciFinder family, from the comfort of ChemDraw.
  • ChemDraw/Reaxys Integration: PerkinElmer and Elsevier have established a partnership to provide you with new and unique ways to improve your Research productivity. It is now possible to draw a molecule or a reaction in ChemDraw, and initiate a structure search into Reaxys. A Proxy Option allows you to direct structure searches to a specific instance of Reaxys that you may have within your company or institution. You can also choose to use ChemDraw JS as a drawing editor when you use the online Reaxys website.
  • HELM Editor: Designed to easily create, edit and share complex biomolecules, the HELM toolbar now supports the latest Pistoia Alliance Format, and each monomer entry now displays up to 6 characters of the monomer nickname. Its overall design is more compact to allow for more screen real estate.
  • Aromatic Cycle Display Toggle: Easily switch from a localized/delocalized electron display on already drawn molecules. Set as a new preference by default to represent alternating double bonds instead of the delocalized representation when opening of pasting SMILES strings.
  • Facilitated chemical structure pasting: ChemDraw now supports a simplifed, more direct pasting of CDXML and other text formats like SMILES, Mol, InChi, and HELM as a structure using the Edit>Paste (Ctrl+V) menu option, with plain text in the clipboard. You can also copy/paste to and from ChemDraw JS, ChemDraw and MS Office embedded ChemDraw documents without loss of chemical information (requires browser-specific clipboard extension, Windows only).
  • ChemACX Structure from CAS Registry Number: A new function has been added to look up a CAS RN through ChemACX, PerkinElmer’s database of commercially available compounds and return the corresponding chemical structure.
  • Structure-to-Name and Name-to-Structure improvements: ChemDraw now supports a new atom numbering scheme, where the numbers are derived from their explicit or implicit values in the IUPAC name, as well as the naming of Enhanced Stereochemistry centers. Names including ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ enhanced stereo centers and absolute stereo centers (in any combination) are now supported.



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