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SF101V Scientific End User 1 Virtual Training Course for TIBCO Spotfire – November 13 to 14, 2017 at 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. EDT each day

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by PerkinElmer Informatics | Media: Download

Elevate Your TIBCO Spotfire Skills with Instructor-Led Virtual Courses

Without leaving your lab or your desk, you can achieve expert-level mastery of TIBCO Spotfire, the analytics and visualization platform that drives actionable insights.

We offer instructor-led virtual courses for both beginners and seasoned users. These interactive 8-hour courses – delivered in four-hour sessions over two days – blend lecture, demonstration, exercises, and collaboration with fellow students.

This delivers a variety of experiences and wealth of knowledge you can immediately put to work, whether in biology or chemistry.

TIBCO Spotfire Introductory Course

Designed for: Bench and computational analysts, data scientists in biology and chemistry, who are new to or less familiar with TIBCO Spotfire.

Blending lecture, demonstration, exercises, and collaboration with fellow trainees, the virtual TIBCO Spotfire introductory course teaches you – in 8 hours – how to create stunning visualizations and instantly analyze multiple data sets. It goes far beyond a typical overview of features, tips, and tricks. You’ll develop the self-service skills needed, long-term, to turn analytical questions into solvable solutions using TIBCO Spotfire.

Walk away knowing:

  • How to load scientific structures and assay data
  • How to create visualizations to enhance data analysis and decision making
  • How to interact with scientific data using advanced data analysis techniques
  • How to save and share your scientific analysis
  • How to collaborate better with peers
  • How to enhance your presentations

    FAQ PerkinElmer Virtual Courses
    What is a Virtual Course from PerkinElmer Informatics?
    It is an interactive learning experience working with a live PerkinElmer Instructor over the internet. We use our scientifically relevant expertise and experience to help your learn to apply TIBCO Spotfire to scientific data and analyses through demonstration, exercises and interaction with expertise.
    What do I need to do before attending?
    1)  Clear your schedule and minimize distractions. There is no rewind or redo.
    2)  You must have your own computer, a high speed internet connection, the ability to hear and talk with the instructor and audience. This means you will need to have both headset and microphone. Participation is key to this experience.
    3)  Must have TIBCO Spotfire Analyst/Professional installed and have logged into the application at least once. Customers with Business Author or Consumer should seek alternative options.
    4)  Instructors provide a remote meeting link and downloading information, course materials and examples.
    How is Virtual Course different from Onsite Instructor Led or eLearning training?
    Virtual Courses uses well tested lessons to help assist you through the learning process. Using the internet and remote meeting tools, the experience includes many of the benefits and convenience of learning through the internet but, also preserves interactive, hands-on and richness of working with knowledgeable instructor.
    How do I engage the instructor?
    With a purchase of the Virtual Course, you will be provided a remote meeting invite by your instructor. Our remote meeting tool will allow you to discuss, chat and share screens as you work through concepts and exercises. We keep the Virtual Courses attendance small to keep you from getting lost and ensure you gain the most from the experience.
    What can I expect to be doing during the Virtual Course?
    As an attendee, you should expect to watch, listen, show your work, answer questions, raise questions, actively participate in discussions and perform exercises under our guidance. You will actively use TIBCO Spotfire through the course materials throughout the duration of the course and often showing your work.
    What if I have questions?
    Instructors are there to ensure you learn and gain value from the experience. For those questions beyond the agenda, we will do our best to use our experience to provide recommendations or guidance.

    * We will NOT be able to assist you with software installation or login issues. These must be taken care of by yourself and your organization TIBCO Spotfire Administrator.

    This course is currently not available. Enter email to get notified